Exploring the Path of Self-Discovery

Exploring the Path of Self-Discovery

Novel experiments must begin with oneself that leads to a quicker discovery of truth

– M.K. Gandhi.

This and other experiments enhanced my faith in such household remedies, and I now proceeded with them with more self-confidence. I widened the sphere of their application, trying the earth and water and fasting treatment in cases of wounds, fevers,
dyspepsia, jaundice and other complaints, with success on most occasions. But, nowadays I do not have the confidence I had in South Africa, and experience has even
shown that these experiments involve obvious risks.
The reference here, therefore, to these experiments is not meant to demonstrate their success. I cannot claim complete success for any experiment. Even medical men can
make no such claim for their experiments. My object is only to show that he who would go in for novel experiments must begin with himself. That leads to a quicker discovery of truth, and God always protects the honest experimenter.

(Excerpt from the book My Experiments with Truth, An Autobiography, M.K. Gandhi, Chapter “Who God Protects”).

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